'Yes or No' Surpasses 100 Million Streams

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  • 2024-02-13

BTS's Jungkook's 'Yes or No' Surpasses 100 Million Streams on Spotify, Marking His 12th Track to Achieve This Milestone
BTS's Jungkook's song 'Yes or No' has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify, making it his 12th track to achieve this milestone.
Released as the title track of Jungkook's first solo album 'GOLDEN' in November last year, 'Yes or No' recently reached 100 million streams on Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform.
Jungkook's solo singles, including 'Seven,' '3D,' and tracks from the 'GOLDEN' album such as 'Standing Next to You,' collaborations like 'Left and Right,' 'Too much,' webtoon OSTs like 'Stay Alive,' official soundtracks like 'Dreamers' for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, self-composed songs like 'Still with you,' solo tracks from BTS albums like 'Euphoria,' and 'Begin,' have all surpassed 100 million streams, showcasing his formidable prowess with a total of 12 songs reaching this mark.

Written by Mun Wan Sik
Translated by Lee So Yun
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