'ㅇㅁㄷ G.O.D' meets on the 28th

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  • 2023-09-11

The group god gave the best memories through ‘ㅇㅁㄷ G.O.D.’
On the 9th, a large-scale project commemorating the 50th anniversary of KBS and the 25th anniversary of god, KBS 50 years It was embroidered neatly.
Earlier, tickets were sold out in just 3 minutes after opening, creating a 'picketing' battle, and god, who became the center of a lot of attention just by revealing the rehearsal scene, lived up to his name in this performance as well. A total of 21 gems of famous songs sung by god that day, including the encore song, were a combination of popular songs that everyone knows as well as songs that fans hoped to hear at the performance, creating the best set list.
About 20,000 fans who filled the venue enjoyed the romance of an outdoor performance on an autumn day and sang along with god. It was a time enjoyed by everyone, not only in the standing seats, which were so enthusiastic, but also in the picnic seats where people could sit and watch, standing up with excitement.
On this day, 'ㅇㅁㄷ Geodi' featured spectacular fireworks, a drone show, and various video contents, creating the best performance without a dull moment.
The fantastic scene of the 2023 KBS blockbuster 'ㅇㅁㄷ god', which ended spectacularly, will be visited by the entire nation through KBS 2TV at 8:50 pm on the 28th, the eve of Chuseok.
Written by Kim No EulTranslated by Lee So Yun
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