Lee Chan-hyuk Video Is Getting Attention

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  • 2023-08-22

Lee Chan-hyuk's project group 'Lee Chan-hyuk Video,' known as KKMU0, has been gaining attention not only in South Korea but also abroad with their song 'Umbrella.'
Recently, in New York's Times Square, the song 'Umbrella' was featured on a billboard showcasing albums selected by the global entertainment magazine 'OK! Magazine' under the title 2023: A Year of Unforgettable Comeback Performances in K-pop So Far. 
Lee Chan-hyuk's project album 'Umbrella' garnered significant attention before and after its release. With a unique concept consisting of a total of 12 remake tracks, the album features artists from various fields, including comedians, models, national short track speed skaters, actors, and singers, as vocalists.
The emotional touch that Lee Chan-hyuk is known for in South Korea has resonated with international audiences. 'Umbrella' has received praise from various foreign media outlets, including the US's top three hip-hop magazines, 'The Source,' as well as 'OK! Magazine.' Most recently, prominent IT-focused media outlet 'Mashable' and entertainment-focused outlet 'Radar' in the US have also recognized the song.
Notably, Mashable regarded 'Umbrella' as one of the albums with the potential to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and described it as a remarkable piece of art filled with songs by diverse artists, far from a simple album.
Radar, an established US entertainment source not particularly focused on K-pop, acknowledged Lee Chan-hyuk's songwriting skills and emotional music, selecting 'Umbrella' as one of the trendiest K-pop releases of 2023.
'Umbrella' is available on various online music platforms for listeners worldwide.
Written by Choi Hye JinTranslated by Lee So Yun
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