Kang Daniel Comeback with a blockbuster-scale

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  • 2023-06-05

The comeback of Kang Daniel, with a blockbuster-scale narrative, is overwhelming global fans. 
His agency, Konnect Entertainment, has grabbed attention by unveiling the teaser poster for Kang Daniel's new album 'REALIEZ'. His determined appearance against the backdrop of the great outdoors is captivating, reminiscent of a poster for a blockbuster film, hinting at a narrative beyond just a music album. This atmosphere has been sensed since the prequel video, featuring an intense chase in a vast desert, grand scale, and immersive biblical verses. The promotional calendar that followed also caught attention with its cinematic elements.
With the addition of the teaser poster, anticipation has reached its peak. The veil-shrouded title track, including the pre-released song, has increased curiosity about the music video.
According to Konnect Entertainment, Kang Daniel's 'REALIEZ' promises an unprecedented narrative, and even the message implied in the album title is special. It encompasses the truth of 'REAL', the falsehood disguised as truth in 'LIE', and the process of realizing it in 'REALIZE'.
While the pre-released song 'WASTELAND' is scheduled to be released on the 7th at 6 p.m., the new album will be unveiled on the 19th.
Written by Kim Su JinTranslated by Lee So Yun
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