Song Kang-ho stepped on the Cannes

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  • 2023-05-26

Actor Song Kang-ho stepped on the Cannes red carpet for the 8th time, exuding the presence of a seasoned actor.
On the 26th (local time), ahead of the official screening of the film "Cobweb" directed by Kim Ji-woon, a red carpet event was held. Song Kang-ho, along with his co-stars Im Soo-jung, Oh Jung-se, Jeon Yeo-bin, Jung Soo-jung, Jang Young-nam, Park Jung-soo, and director Kim Ji-woon, greeted fans from around the world on the red carpet. With his invitation to Cannes for the 8th time, including films like "The Host," "Secret Sunshine," "The Good, the Bad, the Weird," "Thirst," "Parasite," "Emergency Declaration," and "Broker," Song Kang-ho added "The Spider's Web" to his impressive Cannes filmography. Last year, he was also honored with the Best Actor award for "Broker."
Dressed in an all-black tuxedo, Song Kang-ho confidently walked the red carpet with a relaxed expression. Although the red carpet is now a familiar sight to him, his face showed a hint of excitement.
"Cobweb" portrays the events that unfold as director Kim (played by Song Kang-ho), who believes that if he reshoots only the ending of the film "The Spider's Web" shot in the 1970s, it will become a masterpiece, pushes forward with the filming amidst adverse conditions, including censorship and the actors and producers' inability to comprehend the changed content, just before he loses his sanity.
Written by Kim Mi HwaTranslated by Lee So Yun
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