New Jeans is back

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  • 2022-11-10

New Jeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) is expected to create a new sensation by making a comeback with a new album.
On the 10th, the agency Adore announced that New Jeans would release a new single album 'OMG' on January 2, next year.
'OMG' consists of the title song conceived together during the production of the debut album 'New Jeans' and winter songs specially prepared by New Jeans for the first winter together with 'Bunny's' (official fan club). In addition, the song will be released in advance of the album release on the 19th of next month.
Min Hee-jin, CEO and general producer of Adore, said, "If the debut album showed the summer of New Jeans, this single album will be an album that shows the winter of New Jeans." raised
With their debut album 'New Jeans' released in August, New Jeans has emerged as a 'new' artist who is attracting attention not only in Korea but also in the overseas music market. 
They became the first girl group to take 1st and 2nd place on the 'TOP 100' with their debut songs 'Attention' and 'Hype boy' on Melon, and the first K-pop group debut song ('Attention') with Spotify's 'Weekly Top Song USA'. He wrote various records such as charting in '.
In addition, New Jeans achieved 100 million streaming on Spotify within 98 days of the release of 'Hype boy' and charted on the US Billboard chart for 14 weeks in a row. It is building such a powerful influence.
Written by Ahn Yoon JiTranslated by Lee So Yun
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