Fromis 9, 5th mini album official photo released

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  • 2022-06-18

Fromis 9 (Lee Sae-rom, Song Ha-young, Jang Gyu-ri, Park Ji-won, Roh Ji-sun, Lee Seo-yeon, Lee Chae-young, Lee Na-kyung, Baek Ji-heon) heralded upcoming of the performance of 'Summer Queen' with their 5th mini album.
Fromis 9 posted individual and group cuts sequentially on the official SNS on the 17th, the official photo memory version of the 5th mini album 'from our Memento Box', which will be released on the 27th.
Fromis Nine first showed off a visual that was filled with fresh and healthy beauty in the personal cut of the official photo. They attracted attention by exuding the charm of the hot and dazzling 'Summer Queen' with their 9-person, 9-color personality.
In the official photo group cut, the figure of Fromis Nine boasting a seductive figure against the backdrop of the summer sea was included. Fromis Nine left a strong impression with a cool charm that seemed to blow away the heat just by looking at it.
With this, fromis9 has released all the official photos of their 5th mini album 'from our Memento Box'. From the Wish version, which produced a witty scene, to the Dream version with clear and transparent charm, to the Memory version that showed the 'Summer Queen' itself, they radiate a variety of charms. raised expectations.
The 5th mini album 'from our Memento Box' is an album with the meaning of putting all the precious moments they have together in the 'Memento Box'. A total of 5 tracks including the title song 'Stay This Way', 'Up And', 'Blind Letter', 'Cheese', and 'Rewind' are in the album. 
'Stay This Way' is a song about the story that begins when you go on an 'impromptu trip' at sunset. Fromis 9 is planning to present an unforgettable summer to listeners with a new 'Summer Song'.
On the other hand, Fromis 9 will release the 5th mini album 'from our Memento Box' at 6 pm on the 27th.
Written by Ahn Yoon JinTranslated by Lee So Yun
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