'PING PONG' MV Surpasses 60 M Views

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  • 2022-01-05
Singers HyunA and DAWN's 'PING PONG' is getting more attention.
The music video of 'PING PONG', the title song of Hyuna & Dawn's first EP [1+1=1] was released in September last year and has exceeded 60 million views on YouTube as of the 4th, about 4 months later.
The music video for 'PING PONG' recorded 10 million views in less than 10 days after its release, and is steadily rising. In particular, it takes less than a month from 50 million views to 60 million views, proving the undying popularity of Hyuna & Dawn.
'PING PONG', Hyuna & Dawn's first duet song that expresses the figure of a lover in love with cute and popping lyrics. They have jointly participated in writing and composing the lyrics to clearly capture their colors.
The music video for 'PING PONG' contains Hyuna & Dawn's colorful and kitsch visuals and tiki-taka performance. Hyuna & Dawn's fantastic chemistry as the Little Mermaid and Peter Pan is drawing the attention of global fans.
The dance challenge with the point choreography is also steadily leading the popularity on various social media.
Written by Lee Kyeong HoTranslated by Lee So Yun
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